Staying current with your Subaru brake service in Asheville is vital to your safety on the road. Are you wondering if it’s time to stop by your local Subaru dealership in Asheville to have your brakes checked? Here are some warning signs telling you it’s time to seek Subaru service in Asheville to get your vehicle back to optimal condition.

Unexpected Noises

One easily detectable sign that your brakes are in need of service is strange, unexpected noises coming from the brakes. These sounds may be persistent, but they’re more commonly heard when the brakes are applied.

You might hear a clicking or metallic scraping noise from your brakes. Or you may hear a high-pitched squeal. Any of these noises are signs that it’s time to bring your vehicle in for a technician to inspect.

Vibration or Drifting

You might feel your vehicle begin to shake and vibrate when you apply pressure to the brakes. The intensity of this vibration ranges from subtle to intense and jarring, but if you feel any vibration, get your brakes checked to be on the safe side.

Another warning sign to look for is if your vehicle pulls to one side when you press the brakes. This can lead to potentially dangerous situations on the road and should be promptly looked into by a technician.

Brakes Losing Efficiency

Another sure sign that it’s time to get brake service is if your brakes aren’t working as effectively as they used to. If it seems to take longer than usual for your vehicle to slow down when you apply the brakes, professional brake service can get them working again. 

If you notice your brakes losing effectiveness, come in for service as soon as possible. When you cannot slow down or stop promptly, this could be a risk to your safety on the road.

Get Subaru Service in Asheville

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